Fastpitch Instructors  in the
 Milwaukee, WI area!


Are you just starting out or have you been pitching for a couple years?
We would love to help you move to the next level!!


For beginners, no matter what your age is, we will teach you the proper mechanics of pitching.  This includes the wrist snap, arm circle and leg drive.  For the more advanced pitchers, we will teach you location, different pitches and how to increase your speed.


KKPitching believes in teaching and fine tuning the fundamentals of pitching, both physically and mentally.  Both Kristin and Kelly threw a variety of different pitches, but Kristin was a specialist with her rise ball and Kelly was a specialist with her drop ball.  We will work together to make you the most successful pitcher.  Like all sports, pitching takes time, so the more that you practice & attend lessons the better you will become.  


The goal of our instructions is to provide a productive, positive environment that enables players to learn and apply the principles of hard work and dedication while being able to enjoy the game!  We believe that it is our responsibility to teach you all we can about pitching, but it is your responsibility to practice. We have seen greater success with pitchers who regularly attended lessons in addition to practicing on their own. 


Frequently Asked Questions~


Who catches?

Every pitcher is required to have someone catch for them. Usually a parent or team catcher comes to lessons.  If the catcher is under 18 we require them to wear a face mask.  

What do we bring?

Pitchers are required to bring their glove and a catcher. Indoor lessons we require gym shoes and for outdoor lessons gym shoes or cleats.  Pitchers are responsible for their own drinks if needed.  We suggest bringing your own softballs.  Flexi balls for indoor lessons and regular hard softballs for outdoor lessons.  KKPitching does have extra balls for use if needed.


How long are the lessons? How many pitchers are in a session?

Each pitching session is one hour long. There are no more than 6 pitchers with 2 instructors. At this time we are not doing any individual lessons.  All current lessons are posted on the "lessons" tab.

How many hours should we be pitching?

Pitching is a skill that requires LOTS of practice.  We have seen greater success in pitchers that attend regular lessons and then practice outside of lessons.  We do try and give simple drills to do at home.  It is like anything, the more you practice the more successful you will be. 


How do the lessons operate?

Kelly & Kristin circulate throughout the hour lesson and work with each pitcher at their individual level.  We believe that fundamentals are very important to every pitcher no matter what level they are at.  We also do circuits at some of the sessions that focus on certain fundamentals.  



Please email us- kkpitching@gmail.com. We look forward to working with you!


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